Service Centre

A complete service for your  office management.

International Business Centre focuses at businesses and professionals and offer them a service center with secretarial support,  to ensure professional management of business.
In Bologna office customers can work in an organized environment, quite and organized.

Not just a desk, but a real contact with your customer

Having your office at the service center will allow you to always have an open door to your clients and contacts: everyday we take care of your customers, set up appointments, manage the weekly planning, receive phone calls, e-mails and faxes. You will be given a phone number and a street address to receive mail: contacts that you can use in all your documents (business cards, letterhead, brochures, mailings, etc..).

The service includes:
• a reception service that receives your mail, faxes and filters incoming calls and direct visits;
• a reception service in foreign languages that receives the mail, direct visits, filter incoming calls;
• the presence of a secretary who, on precise instructions of the Client, will assist him in respect secreta rial tasks.